Terms off agreements 


When the piece of jewelry you have ordered is in stock, it will be shipped as soon as possible upon receipt of the payment. We strive to deliver every piece of jewellery within five working days. However, if the jewel needs alterations or is out of stock, the delivery time may be delayed. Goldline is under no circumstances liable for damages, expenses or losses suffered by you or third parties.


An agreement is reached when Goldline has accepted your order. An order may be refused, and Goldline may also impose conditions to the order.


If you are not satisfied with the jewellery you have ordered, you may return it to us within 14 days after payment. Returns are accepted when both the packaging and the jewellery are in their original condition. Upon receipt, Goldline will refund the purchase amount minus the shipping costs to you as soon as possible.


Complaints regarding the delivery, quality and status of the jewellery will be taken seriously by the Goldline team. We will look for a suitable solution at all times. If you have a complaint or a comment, please contact us by phone or email.


Goldline does not provide and/or sell your data to third parties.


The 'Goldline' brand may not be used without Goldline's permission. Goldline imagery and designs remain Goldline's intellectual property.


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